db Media’s portfolio of current and past clients includes:

Entertainment/New Media
Cairo International Film Festival (Cairo, Egypt)—One of the world’s top ten film festivals
AMEC Awards (Century City, Calif.)—Recognition of legal affairs executives in the fields of media, entertainment and sports
Danni’s Hard Drive (Los Angeles, Calif.)—Adult-entertainment media company
Warner Brothers/Chuck Jones’ Timber Wolf (Burbank, Calif.)—Animated series
Goosehead (TV programming, interactive Web site for teens) (family, parenting, medical information)

Lakeview Surgery Center (Ontario, Canada)—General and cosmetic surgery
Bluewater Surgical Centre (Ontario, Canada)—Cosmetic surgery
Innovations MedSpa
(Dallas, Texas)—Latest in beauty treatments (Los Angeles, Calif.)—Internet auction site
MarcoMarco (Hollywood, Calif.)—Trendy boutique clothing line
Mineral Essence (Beverly Hills, Calif.)—Mineral-based cosmetic line
TG Publishing / Tom’s Hardware (Los Angeles, Calif.)—Destination Web sites for technophiles

MustGoMobile/Big John McCarthy MMA App (Los Angeles, Calif.)
TheBrain Technologies Corporation (Santa Monica, Calif.)—Knowledge management applications for the Internet
Virtual Driver Interactive (El Dorado Hills, Calif.) —Driver simulation company and subsidiary of Raydon Corporation
3iNetworks (Irvine, Calif.)—Peer-to-peer networking (Santa Barbara, Calif.)—Self-updating address books/online community
Barracuda Travel Bag—High tech travel bag that raised $1.3 million on Kickstarter
GripDat—Selfie and recording accessory for smart phones
Flyfit—Ankle band that accurately measures fitness, cycling, swimming and sleep patterns
SunSprite—Harvard team-developed wearable device that tracks bright light intake
Expertcity (Santa Barbara, Calif.)—Internet-based technical support
j2 Global Communications (Hollywood, Calif.)—Unified messaging services
Thinque Systems Corporation (Los Angeles, Calif.)—Field-force automation and customer relationship management software for wireless devices

Silva Gonsalves, Inc. (Los Angeles, Calif.)—Tax resolution services
Dheeraj & East Coast, LLC
(Mumbai, India)—“Green” residential and commercial real estate company
Raskin Peter Rubin and Simon (Century City, Calif.)—Entertainment law firm

Personal Publicity
Michael Cory Davis (Los Angeles, Calif.)—Actor, activist and filmmaker
Jimmy Coco (Hollywood, Calif.)—Mobile spray tanner to the stars
Carol Merchasin – Award-winning author

Artists United for Social Justice
WorldFest (Los Angeles, Calif.)—Event supporting environmental issues
Lindbergh Foundation’s Air Shepherd Program—Uses drones and data analytic software to end poaching of elephants and rhinos in Africa