I have never met anyone with Dianna’s ability to produce consistent, high-level results—whether she is bringing A-list celebrities and corporate executives to the table or procuring incredible media coverage. I highly recommend db Media’s invaluable PR and business consulting services.
Mark Eckhardt, CEO

I have never met anyone with more energy and passion for causes and clients than Dianna. She delivers consistently—she assembled a council of A-listers like Robert De Niro and Glenn Close for our election security effort! And on the media side, she had us meeting with the entire NBC News team in DC and with the New York Times, resulting in fantastic coverage. Her drive and determination are unmatched.
Ben Ptashnik
President, National Election Defense Coalition (NEDC)

Olivia Hussey & Diana Bari

In my view, public relations professionals are only as good as their creativity, enthusiasm and ability to grasp the “who would care” question. PR agencies I’ve worked with in the past have always required proactive management to get results – with Dianna Bari (db media) the motivation and ideas are endless. I can personally attest to our results being infinitely more successful than companies far larger than ours. I’d highly recommend Dianna to any company that would enjoy her boundless energy on the team. Get ready to be famous!
Bob Davis, CEO & President
Virtual Driver Interactive

I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Dianna as my publicist on Breaking Their Silence: Women on the Frontline of the Poaching War and it was an absolute joy.  Not only does she pour her heart and soul into your project, she is relentless in her pursuit of all the right publications and outlets to approach.  She has a unique creative talent that will benefit any venture smart enough to hire her. I can’t recommend her highly enough and can’t wait to work with Dianna on my next film!
Kerry David, Writer/Director/Producer
Breaking Their Silence: Women on the Frontline of the Poaching War

Dianna was highly recommended to me by a mutual friend. From our first phone call, I was immediately impressed with her background and tenacity.  Dianna took on my PR campaign as if she was part of my company from inception.  She wrote an incredible press release, thought of interesting ways to market my company, and executed the distribution of information through her network of high profile contacts. Her professionalism, open communication, persistence, wisdom, and willingness to go beyond, helped bring my company the media attention it deserved and it was an amazing benefit to my brand. I highly recommend db Media to any company looking to deliver a media message.
Steve Sawitz, Founder/CEO
Grip Dat

Dianna Bari stepped into the middle of our project and immediately began producing – lining up significant interviews and coverage in a matter of days. In short time we had some of the largest media outlets in the country sending our message to millions of viewers and readers. She’s the best!
John L. Petersen, Chairman
The Charles A. & Anne Morrow Lindbergh Foundation / Air Shepherd Program

Dianna has been amazing to work with and understands PR from start to finish. Whether it’s writing releases, finding & vetting opportunities, networking, or coaching on how best to come across Dianna excels across the board. Smart, dedicated, talented and passionate about her work, Dianna is a fantastic addition to any team looking to rock their PR initiatives!
Paul Clip, CEO

Dianna Bari is the rock to my business! She is one of the most professional & organized women I have ever met. And might I add, a real fire-cracker! When asked to give a quote, I thought what is the one, single most special occasion that stands out in my business relationship with her? Hear This: The Associated Press called last year to interview me for a story on Hollywood award season. Before the interview started the journalist said, and I quote her… “Jimmy, your publicist is on the money. Her timing is impeccable. As it turns out, I am working on the story she pitched you for right now! You are a perfect fit and I would not have known had it not been for Dianna. You have a great publicist.” I was never fully aware of the AP News Wire. Holy Toledo… The story ran in over 30 countries, I was in my hometown newspaper and I am now known in almost every country in the world! No kidding!
Jimmy Coco
Celebrity Tanner

Dianna is the consummate PR person. She knows how to make connections, how to tell my “story,” and she is one of the most confident and tenacious people I have ever worked with. She follows up — she stays in touch. I can’t think of anyone I would rather have working with me.
Carol Merchasin
Award-Winning Author, This is Mexico

Dianna is an amazing publicist who utilizes her passion for her clients to ensure maximum exposure globally. She is sharp, reliable, and resilient, which is what is needed in such a competitive industry. My work was invisible to the masses until db media and now it has been seen by millions.
Michael Cory Davis
Filmmaker, Actor, Activist

Dianna worked for our agency at the time, Murphy O’Brien. She was instrumental in getting us extremely positive reviews and positioning in major national newspapers and publications, exceeding our expectations. Over the ensuing years, I have continued to refer, and myself use, Dianna’s services with success. I have no hesitation in recommending her services.
Omid Rahmat, Vice President
Citrix Online, formerly ExpertCity

I first met Dianna through a mutual friend in August 2008 to discuss a number of projects in the region from Bahrain to Cairo. I still remember the placemat where we brainstormed, jotting down a number of ideas and opportunities . . . I thought to myself, “Can she pull all of it off?” Still, from the first time I met Dianna I had no doubt that she could, and would. In Dianna I see a determined, sharp, elegant and creative professional. She delivers on even the tallest of goals. She made the 2008 Cairo Film Festival the most successful to-date, booking all top celebrity talent. Her calm, focused, and detail-oriented demeanor is always there, from morning to midnight. She is determined and enthusiastic, never taking no for an answer and, more importantly, she is a lovely person to work with. It was a great pleasure to work with Dianna on the Cairo International Film Festival and the Human Trafficking Initiative, and I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Amr Badr
Regional Managing Director – Abercrombie & Kent/Egypt, Middle East
Board of Directors – Suzanne Mubarak Women’s International Peace Movement
Board of Directors, Vice Chairman – People to People International’s Board
of Trustees/Middle East and Africa